Fast Moving C-Level Advice

Executive Advisory & C-Level Strategy Consulting

for tobacco and consumer goods companies

Newpark Projects is a consulting firm offering services to nationally and internationally active companies in the FMCG sector. Since 2006, we have been listening to and understanding owners and managers of German and international companies and providing advice on optimising existing and future business models. In doing so, we rely on over 20 years of our own international management responsibility in globally operating companies.

Executive Advisory

Our lived experience forms the sounding board. We support the necessary strategic perspective of the owners and C-Level executives of medium-sized consumer goods companies.

By asking questions and offering alternative beliefs, we create clarity so that leaders act with conviction when making decisions.

Our focus is on corporate strategy, consumer focus, the diverse international markets, sales and marketing.

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After decades of building and running businesses in many markets around the world, we seem to have seen it all. Drawing the right conclusions is what makes our experience a sustainable business value. That's what Newpark Projects is all about.

Strategy Consulting

for tobacco and consumer goods companies

We support the management in driving the expansion of the company’s international presence and in optimising the operational market units.

We focus on the home market and support plans and activities in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In addition, we offer our advisory services in other selected markets and regions.

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With 40 years of experience in one of the most regulated industries, tobacco markets around the world have taught us unconditional customer focus, dynamic portfolio innovation, team motivation, flexible route to market solutions, uncompromising corporate compliance, lean manufacturing processes and transparency in financial processes.


We have successfully completed business expansion projects in markets around the world. Industries include tobacco, wines and spirits, beverages, coffee, confectionery, beauty and personal care, fashion, FMCG wholesale and distribution and food retail. Our clients are local, regional and global companies with a geographical focus on Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Selected projects have been implemented in North and South America and Africa.


We are at your disposal for a confidential discussion.

Advisory Services

We are your partner with whom you can exchange ideas in familiarity, evaluate different options and outline innovative scenarios:

  • Are market opportunities fuelling new ideas, openness and a special appreciation for the existing experience in your board or leadership team?
  • Are growth and profits harder to find and are you willing to challenge the status quo?
  • Does your company consider itself innovative, but is not yet sure how this can be translated into broadening the customer base and sustainable financial value creation?

Our regular offer includes a total package of face-to-face strategy sessions, regular telephone exchanges to compare progress, and ad hoc communication.

Newpark Projects

Newpark Projects

Advisory Board

We structure cross-functional advisory boards that act as a permanent sounding-board to improve your strategic decisions and overall business performance. Based on your specific requirements, we select a team of high-calibre former executives to serve you on an ongoing basis. We organise the dynamic environment of your C-Level processes and drive strategically embedded business transformation with you.

Newpark Projects

Newpark Projects


for tobacco, cigarettes and next generation products

We combine 40 years of experience in all aspects of the international tobacco industry with proven leadership responsibility in globally operating companies. In particular, we identify optimisation potential and support implementation in the following areas:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Brand portfolio
  • Market expansion
  • Operations
  • Route to Market
  • Compliance: Traceability systems (Track & Trace)

We offer the design of a fully-fledged Tobacco Product Tracking System (T & T) in accordance with the FCTC Protocol on Illicit Trade. The T & T system is tailored to individual national circumstances and specific requirements. Furthermore, we assist in the drafting of legislation and the selection of independent, third-party operated parts of the T & T solution.

In individual cases, we support operational excellence in corporate processes and the ability to implement in all areas of the company through long-term on-site project management (interim management).

Newpark Projects

Newpark Projects


for food, beverages, confectionery, beauty & life style

Based on cross-category best practices and global consumer market experience, we identify the key success factors for your business.
We offer systematic experience as a basis for determining your future priorities, including leadership issues:

  • Consumer Focus
  • Strategy
  • Portfolio
  • Geographic Footprint
  • Route to Market

Depending on your requirements, we offer our experience through individual coaching or targeted seminars.

Newpark Projects

Newpark Projects

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