Supporting managerial excellence & growing sustainable progress

What we do.

We provide dedicated support to senior management for key strategic and operational processes.

We know what it takes to grow the operation.

With our successful track records for global FMCG activities we are formulating recommendations specifically based on and benchmarked against proven expertise, acquired over decades in a multitude of markets and industries.

At your side we provide our views and recommendations while identifying and offering solutions for problem areas.

Core competence.

As former corporate senior executives we stand ready to successfully help and create growing global performance.

Areas of excellence.

Our capabilities are a blend of comprehensive managerial experiences and diverse responsibilities in a multitude of industries and markets.

Consultancy services.

We provide dedicated support observing specifics of managerial structures and selected challenges & opportunities.

Our beliefs.

Our behaviour and work follows strong convictions gathered during decades of managerial responsibility.


Our special insights into markets plus manifold relationships with people around the world provide us with a wealth of impressions and experiences.

As our world is getting more complex and for many at times increasingly in-transparent it is our aim to support each others understanding by sharing our knowledge with our individual communities.

ParkTalk invites friends and diverse interest groups to discuss topics of current interest, striving to build an understanding for people of other cultures and to support the ability to establish clear views.


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